This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Welcome to GingerWithASeoul! Let me use this post to introduce myself and my blog. My name is Tom(mie) and I’ve been walking on this wonderful planet for almost 21 years. On a daily basis I’m a communication student at Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands, that small flat country known for a lot more than just its windmills and canals. Born and raised in the Czech Republic’s capital, Prague, I grew up in an international and multicultural expat ‘bubble’ for almost 18 years. Continuing this international trend, I moved to Rotterdam to study in 2015. Some may think Rotterdam is just a little city in my flat country, others have never even heard of it, but it counts over 170 nationalities amongst just 640,000 inhabitants. In January this year I opted to take on the unique opportunity of going on exchange, and where better to go than South Korea’s capital, Seoul? Exactly, the most mobile connected city with the lowest crime rate in the world will be my home for the next 4 months. A city that is slightly bigger than Rotterdam with almost 12 million people, will be the place where this ginger attempts to find his S(e)oul.

Where the saying “gingers have no souls” originally comes from remains a mystery to many redheads. Some say it originated from a South Park episode, others say they heard it years before that. Regardless, its a saying I’ve heard a lot in my childhood years and I’ve decided to use my exchange trip as the ideal chance to find and prove my S(e)oul, hence the name of this blog. Here, I’ll be writing weekly posts about my experiences, learnings, surprises (positive & negative) and stories as well as sharing fascinating pictures, so stay tuned if South Korea and the rest of Asia sparks your interests! I’ll be traveling as much as I can regarding my courses and exam weeks, but I’ll always have an interesting story to tell you!

Peace out,



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